Heirloom Foods

sweet pickles in my kitchen
My first batch of homemade pickles, Los Angeles, CA, Summer 2010.

Who cares about heirloom foods? I do. And if you’re reading this, I bet you do too. Heirloom foods, as I describe them, are foods that you cannot get in any way other except to make them yourself. These are not simply family recipes prepared with store-bought ingredients, but food products you must grow, preserve, can, pickle, cure, or otherwise process yourself.  Heirloom foods are far too much trouble to ever think about selling them commercially.  It would be cost-prohibitive if you factored in the time, labor, and cost of ingredients it takes to make heirloom foods. These are foods made for love. Foods you cannot live without. In my family, that means country ham, grape jelly, applesauce, and sweet pickles.

I’ve talked to lots of people who have a similar passion, but for their own amazing foods. Lisa and Louis make “Beans and Potatoes” using homegrown Calabrian beans. Daniel makes apple cake using the unknown apple variety he grows in his backyard. Jared brews beer with home-grown hops. I know there are more people like us out there.  If you’re one of them, check out our Heirloom Foods Facebook Page and introduce yourself.